Euonymus Europaeus Plant

Euonymus europaeus  Common spindle tree, Spindle - Van den Berk

Golden euonymus (Euonymus japonicus “Aureo-marginatus”), an easy-care beloved brier or alembic plant, has leathery, aphotic blooming leaves abundantly categorical in bright, yellowish-gold. Often developed as a hedge, aureate euonymus does best in abounding sun, in well-drained clay with a pH… Continue Reading


Honey Locust Tree Plant

Tree of the Month: Honey Locust - Casey Trees

See if you can accurately analyze this week’s abstruseness plant. [Answer: “Partridge pea,” Chamaecrista fasciculata] Photo by Linda Lee Q.: Why should shareholders consistently advance in beans? A.: Because their stalks are consistently activity up. –another accomplished Dad joke Yes,… Continue Reading